March 2: Dr. Seuss: Read Across America!
http://www.theteach ersguide. com/DrSeussDay. htm
http://www.theteach erscorner. net/seasonal/ read-across- america/index. htm
Dr. Seuss/St. Patrick's Day/Spring:
http://webtech. kennesaw. edu/jcheek3/ march.htm# stpats

March Lesson Plans: YouTube com/watch? v=FLNWSNhvmv4

Calendar of Events (some with links), Baseball Spring Training,
Winter, Spring, Health & Nutrition
http://www.theteach erscorner. net/monthly- resources/ march.htm

National Nutrition Month:
http://www.eatright .org/cps/ rde/xchg/ ada/hs.xsl/ NNM_2007_ home.htm
Nutrition Ed resources, Quiz, Games; How to Request a Proclamation from
your Governor or Mayor
Special Theme Page from Education World:
http://www.educatio a_special/ nutrition. shtml

March is National Craft Month!
http://www.kidsturn crafts/craftmont h.htm

March 2009 Bizarre, Crazy, Silly, Unknown Holidays and Observances
http://www.browniel march.html
1-7 National Consumer Protection Week
8-14 Teen Tech Week

March Holidays and Celebrations
http://www.suelebea htm
Links for Baseball Season, March Birthdays, St. Patrick's Day clipart

St. Patrick's Day
http://www.teach- teachers/ lesson_plans/ holidays/ stpats/
(membership site; some samples available)
http://www.theteach erscorner. net/seasonal/ st-patricks- day/index. htm
printables, including word puzzles, also Internet Trivia Hunt
http://fp.enter. net/~rburk/ stpatricksday/ stpatrick'sdayrecipes. htm
Recipes and more:
http://www.theholid patrick/irish_ recipes.htm
Recipes and an e-book to download and print:
http://www.ireland- information. com/irishrecipes /index.htm has not updated for 2009 (Daily Observances are
from 2006!?):
http://www.butlerwe march.htm
Frozen Food Month, Music in our Schools Month, Middle School Month,
Peanut Month, Poison Prevention Awareness Month, Talk with Your Teens
About Sex Month