For those of us still teaching! Hang in there...
June=Flag Day and Father's Day and:

http://www.theteach erscorner. net/calendars/ june.php
Monday is Oscar the Grouch's birthday and Friday is
Donut Day AS WELL AS National Gingerbread Day!
National Dairy Month, National Fresh Fruit and
Vegetable Month, and National Iced Tea Month!
Links for all of these and more.
No link for LEON Day, which is June 25 and marks
six months from Christmas and `til Christmas! LEON
is of course, NOEL backwards.
(Searches introduce you to Leon Day, a pitcher
for the Negro Baseball League, and Hall of Famer!)
I did find
http://familycrafts .about.com/ b/2007/06/ 25/happy- leon-day. htm

http://www.holidayi nsights.com/ moreholidays/ june.htm
June 13: Sewing Machine Day

http://www.suelebea u.com/june. htm
Includes a School is Out section but the dreaded 404
Not Found for "Beach Cams Around the World"

http://www.browniel ocks.com/ june.html
Includes History of Graduation, but the dreaded 404 Not Found
for Dairy Month. Lists Monthly, Weekly, Daily observances.

http://www.foodrefe rence.com/ html/html/ juneevents. html
June dates in Food History; click on a date to read each entry.
(such as June 2, 1928: Kraft created Velveeta :-)

Better yet, leave 'em laughing:
http://www.ahajokes .com/school_ jokes.html
http://www.ahajokes .com/school_ jokes_for_ kids.html
http://www.basicjok es.com/dtitles. php?cid=24
http://funnyjokes4k ids.blogspot. com/2009/ 04/jokes- about-school. html