Here are some resources for January in no particular order.
Our subject area specialties are so vast, I'm sure you can
find something here for background information, for
lesson ideas, for your bulletin board, or as a welcome
wacky break!

http://www.theteach erscorner. net/calendars/ january.php
Features a January calendar with daily observances,
including Popcorn Day, Shari Lewis' birthday, and National
Puzzle Day.

http://www.aboutfam ouspeople. com/article1213. html
In Januarys of different years, Georgia, Alaska, Utah,
New Mexico, Connecticut, Michigan, and Kansas entered
the Union; Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia seceded,
and Virginia was readmitted to the Union.
Also the first baby was born in the White House, and
Elvis was born in January!

http://www.butlerwe january.htm
Click on each day of the calendar or scroll to find
Astrological Signs, Birthstone, Flower, then Monthly
Observances, Weekly Observances, then Daily.

http://webclipart. od/holiday/ a/january. htm
Web Clip Art includes Martin Luther King Day, Literacy
Day, Book Week, Australia Day and more.

http://www.holidayi moreholidays/ january.htm
(warning: annoying audio ad the first time I visited :-)
Includes links for daily observances including Bean Day,
International Skeptics Day, National Hat Day, and more.

http://www.travelno 01-jan.htm
For our International Foods teachers! Holidays, Events
and Festivals around the World. Includes links for more

http://www.browniel january.htm

Links to special pages such as the history of New Years,
plus Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Observances, some
with links for more information. Moon Phases.
Credits Chases' Calendar (my favorite :-) and
that I've referenced here before, and individuals, too.

http://www.calendar Daily/
Too many to mention here! Hope some of these are
interesting to you personally and that some are useful
to you professionally.