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PowerPoint Presentation from Levi Rash and Rachel Remund, 2007-08 National Officers. The presentation is on "Going Green with FCCLA" and was presented at the Dallas, Texas Cluster Meeting. FCCLA & The Environment.pptx

Thanks to Charlotte Gray for posting this FCCLA Jeopardy PowerPoint to the Mo-FACS List Serve. FCCLA Jeporady.ppt

One of the things I did was have a "Join the Batch with FCCLA" contest. I made a bulletin board in the hall and each class had a disposable aluminum cookie sheet. Whenever a student paid their dues, their name went on a cookie and then up on the board. The class with the biggest percentage of members at the end of 2 weeks got fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Definitely helped get kids to pay dues early. Did another random reward at lunch one day-ice cream bar to those who had paid dues in first week. Students were begging for ice cream and told me they would pay their dues the next day. I had a few others bring in money that day just for an ice cream bar.
Join the Batch Contest

Possible Service Projects ---
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http://www.redcross .org/email/ saf/
Membership Ideas --
Here are a few things I am doing/did:
#1 The first day of school for us was Thursday, August 13th which
coincided with Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen benefiting Children's
Miracle Network. I invited anyone who paid their dues by 4:30pm
to have a Blizzard on me, not FCCLA monies, MY own money. I didn't have
many takers (good thing for me $$$$), but sure got some interest up. (if
only it was a week later)

#2 Our theme for this year is "Oh the Places You'll Go with Seneca
I have a big poster in the hall outside our classroom with a meager
representation of the cover of that Suess book (with a Seneca Indian
sticking out whatever that hole/tube thing is)and a lists of all the
places we will go this year (Access, Regional Meeting, Cluster, State
Conference, STAR events, etc) and I ordered some Cat in the Hat (4x7"?)
die cut hats and as each member pays their dues, their name goes on a
and is glued to the poster.

#3 Any member who pays their dues during the month of August gets to
a prize wheel (Thanks Tracy Newman, I stole that straight up)

#4 Any member who pays their dues before Sept 10 can go to the
Training in September

#5 We begin our membership fundraiser on August 20th selling Courtney's
Candles, a local vendor who sells us highly scented candles at her cost
and we sell them at retail. A member who sells 7 candles has dues paid
for. Sell 15 candles, Seneca FCCLA tee shirt is paid for. Sell 25
candles, Seneca FCCLA hoodie. And your Christmas shopping is half done!

#6 I began an FCCLA/FCS blog back in April and have decided to give
credit to ANY of my students who comment (has to be positive and
appropriate) 1 point per comment as long as the comment is made within
week of the original post date. I plan to continue to post about FCCLA
activities as well as classroom assignments and explanations,

Don't forget to check out Christine's Missouri FCCLA blog as well. You
are missing out if you don't subscribe! That's where the idea to put all
this on the list-serve came from. She's
hosting a contest, y'know!

#7 Since my Summer is all about travel, I always send a post card to my
officers from as many places as I visit (and I remember). My officers
told me I sent 6 postcards this summer. I also sent 1 postcard from my
last trip to some key members who have been very helpful in order to
excite them about the beginning of the year.

#8 Monday was our high school Open House so a couple officers came in at
noon and made mini cupcakes and helped me decorate the FCS room for a
birthday party, the 100th Birthday of FCS education! We had helium
balloons just like at Summer Conference. So as parents and students
around to the classroom, we enticed them with cupcakes and talked about
FCS education and FCCLA while members handed out fliers as students
up their schedules in the hall. Sure enough, one of the moms got her
daughter to take the Leadership class and join FCCLA b/c Mom had been
Secretary back in HS.

#9 Wednesday we had our annual FCCLA Officer Planning meeting at my
fishing then barbecue then get down to business. We began by coming up
with about 5 "officer guidelines", mostly about being a leader and an
example and getting along. Then we jumped in to ideas for our Program
Work. They kept saying they were "just guidelines" not rules, in their
best pirate voices!

I already have 5 members who have paid their dues, that's by the second
day of school, unheard of for my chapter!! Kim Easter gets her members
to pay their dues in the Spring and everyone who does gets a FREE Carl
Junction tee, and she gets a local business to sponsor the tees, I think
she had 25+ --there's always next year for us!

I used to meet with my chapter officers in the summer to plan
activities, but this year we met just after school dismissed. This
worked great for us--way more positive energy and less "I don't want to
go back" nonsense. We kept some traditional, awesome projects that help
our community but we also came up with some new ideas:

1) Members joining before 9/1 will receive an "Early Bird Special" and
save $3 on dues
2) If they pay dues during registration, they spin the prize wheel and
get an FCCLA prize (t-shirt, magnet, pencil, calculator, etc.)
3) We have plans for a fall scavenger hunt after school but in the
school so that members who don't drive can still participate
4) Our annual fundraiser kicks off on August 28 as well, giving members
an opportunity to earn free dues with specific sales. Instead of prizes
for incentives, our members can earn cash back and a free trip to our
regional conference, including an overnight hotel stay, movies and pizza
party. This was really successful for us last year, as we had several
who would have never paid to go but earned the free trip and had a
chance to put a little more "ultimate" into their "leadership

FCCLA Officer Applications
Here are a lot of the excellent examples I received on the listserve concerning my inquiry on FCCLA Officer Applications. Thanks again to all of you who posted. -Allison

Banana Split activity for membership