December resources for your classes, a newsletter, your bulletin board,
your webpage, etc.....yes, I'm part of that holiday slump, too (apologies!) :

December: A month of Multicultural Holiday Celebrations
http://www.educatio a_lesson/ lesson/lesson246 .shtml

Bingo's Birthday Month
Free Bingo template:
http://www.apollost emplates. com/templates- bingo/
Colorectal Cancer Education and Awareness Month
Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, Natl
Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month
Learn a Foreign Language Month
Safe Toys and Gifts Month
http://www.preventb lindness. org/
http://familycrafts library/spdays/ bldecmon1. htm
Tie Month, Natl
http://www.necktie. makingties. htm
Free pattern download: http://www.burdasty
National Write a Business Plan Month
(use for entrepreneur projects or FCCLA?)
http://www.essortme marketanalysis_ szgo.htm

Also browse these sites:
http://www.theteach erscorner. net/calendars/ december. php

http://www.butlerwe december. htm

http://www.browniel DECEMBER2008. html