Assorted ideas for teaching Child Development units or courses, compliments of many excellent FCS teachers. Every effort has been taken to give credit for each idea.

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Vanessa Shipley

Christy JohnsonTracey NewmanWe use the book the developing child. In the first chapter they observe a preschool classroom. After that we arrange every other Friday as "Preschool day". The students can then interact with the children as we get into later chapters we let the students decide on the snack or activity while they are there. Of, course you have to have a pre-school teacher who is willing to work with you. The students LOVE this!!!
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Donna Sharpe (facsteacher2010)
The teacher before me had an activity for child development where the students created an activity box. The students bring in an index card box and index cards (if possible). On a regular basis, can be weekly/biweekly or anything, the students add an activity to the box. You select the activity that they put in the box. You then complete the activity in class. You can create tabs for the box to create sections and a way to organize the activities. The students then have activities to use in the future with their children or in a preschool because they take the box home at the end of the class. I wanted to continue this but was having problems finding activities to use with preschool age children. I just found a website that is LOADED with activities! The biggest problem with this activity is finding somewhere for the students to keep the box in your room. The teacher before also quizzed the students on the activities in the box by having them "draw" an activity from the collection and perform the activity.