• During our 7th grade food pyramid curriculum we study
milk/calcium/ osteoporosis and the students make smoothies. I use a digital
camera and take their pictures with a milk mustache. Each student then
makes an advertisement using their "Got Milk" picture. The posters are used
to educate other students outside of the classroom about osteoporosis and
why they need milk. The students enjoy the activity.

  • I took really, really close up pictures of lots of different things in the classroom and kitchens. I posted the pictures on construction paper of various colors and shapes. The board said, "Have You Really Seen The FACS Room?" I told the students if they could identify the picture, I would write what it is along with their name under each picture. Limit one per student. They had a lot of fun with this.

  • The second one (I do not normally promote food rewards) was also an opportunity to have a cooking experience! I stapled 6 foil "cookie sheets" on the board to represent each class. Under each class I put 1st hour, 2nd Hour . . . The board said, "Join the batch at Harrisburg FCCLA" "First class to pay their dues bakes cookies!!" When a student would pay, I would write their name on a piece of grocery bag paper torn out in a circle and tape it to their classroom cookie sheet. The competition was on!! (I did a similar project in my school---there's a picture in the FCCLA section.)

  • Nutrition: The title of the bb is "Let Good Nutrition Bloom". The board has a background covering on which 11 large flowers have been placed. They have stems and each flower has at least one leaf. The petals of the flowers are a different color than the centers. Guessing at the size if the board is 6 feet long then the flowers are aproximately 1 foot across. On the center of each flowers has been placed a cut out of a food item. One leaf tells what nutrient the food provides on one side and what the function of the nutrient is on the other. The directions say, "Use the colorful January bulletin board as the basis of a nutrition unit.
  • Assign each studnet to researac a basic nutrient. Have them investigate what functions the nutrient performs and which foods are rich sources of the tnutrient. One thay have complied the information theya re ready to create anutrient flower for the display. Prepare a basic flower pattern and a leaf pattern Each studnet creates a flower for their nutrient, illustrating the center of th flower with a good food source and preparing a nutrient leaf with the nutrient printed on one side Once all the flowers are made, students place a flower on the BB and describe the information they have acquired about the nutrient. Once finished use the board as a review tool. (I did a similar project and took a picture of it...shown below)
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    individual sample