Click to download an April calendar:
http://www.teacherc free/calendars. php
Kindergarten Day, historical birthdays, and more
http://www.theteach erscorner. net/calendars/ april.php
includes links to more info and lessons, too

http://library. thinkquest. org/2886/ apr.htm
Bizarre April Holidays-undocument ed

http://www.browniel april.html
Validated holidays, some with links

American Food Holidays in April
http://www.thenibbl more/facts/ holidays- april.asp
(most have a link for more information, but not necessarily
about the holiday) I'd call this one undocumented as well.

Keep America Beautiful Month
http://www.kab. org/site/ PageServer? pagename= index

April Fool's Day around the world
http://sunniebunnie afool.htm
(undocumented but fun to read!)

Hans Christian Andersen's birthday
depressing biography:
http://kirjasto. htm

Week of the Young Child 2009
http://www.naeyc. org/about/ woyc/

World Health Day
http://www.who. int/world- health-day/ en/

FYI/No politics intended: Tax Day Tea Parties
On Facebook and Twitter, too...
I'm sure this will be in the news!

Earth Day
http://www.holidayi other/earthday. htm
provides links for more information and fun stuff,
Earth Day Network: http://www.earthday .net/

Administrative Professionals' Day
Here's one reference:
http://www.holidayi other/secretary. htm
commercial site

Take Our Daughers and Sons to Work Day
http://www.daughter sandsonstowork. org/wmspage. cfm?parm1= 485

Arbor Day is in January here in Florida, but consult
http://www.arborday .org/arborday/ arborDayDates. cfm
for your dates and other resources.

http://www.butlerwe april.htm